Der erste Panzer, den Japan nach Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs entwickelt hat. 75% Crew: 6.49 s Both and Max Crew %: 3686.4. The first tank developed in Japan after WWII. Rammer: 3021.6 Both: 4254.8 Vents: 3411.2 Turret crew in baseline models includes a gunner and a commander, who are cut off from the driver's compartment in the forward hull by the autoloader. 50% Crew: 1936.8 Your small turret in combination with the superb gun depression angle makes hull-down tactics very efficient. Rammer: 3708.8 The Type 61 is a tier IX medium tank for the Japanese.. Here’s my first ride-out with this beast. Your best asset is your fast firing 105mm gun, therefore the tank should be played cautiously and in a supportive role, where it can use allies as cover and punish unwary enemies with its excellent DPM. May 10, 2020 - Subscribe Mark WoT Replays for more replays! This page was last modified on 5 September 2020, at 10:59. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction. You can achieve some lucky bounces from the gun mantlet but everything else is paper-thin. The hull is welded steel, with a cast steel turret. Using Shell Type 1 (240 Damage): Theoretical Damage Per Minute Maximum possible: 1079.2 m. The Type 61 is a Japanese tier 9 medium tank. 50% Crew: 2176.8 Le Type 61 (61 式 戦 車, Roku-ichi Shiki sensha) est un char de combat employé par les Forces terrestres japonaises d'autodéfense.Conçu par Mitsubishi Heavy Industries à partir de 1955, il s'agissait du premier char d'assaut japonais conçu après la Seconde Guerre mondiale.Un total de 560 Type 61 ont été fabriqués de 1961 à 1975, date à laquelle il est supplanté par le Type 74. The Type 61 is very similar to its predecessor, the STA-1. Home. Overall the Type 61’s mobility is it’s second best attribute behind it’s firepower since without it you can not escape bad situations or move around to where you are needed i… With GLD: 1.831 s You can view archived ratings for the past periods. 90 mm Gun Type 61 STA-1から引き継ぐ初期砲であり、61式戦車の史実砲。 装填速度が大幅に向上しており、DPMは2,800超という中戦車とは思えない時間帯火力を発揮できる。 Nominal DPM: 2635.2 The initial grind is painful since you are essentially a STA-1 pushed up to tier 9. - posted in Medium Tanks: Hi all,does anyone have any tips on how to play the Type 61? ... Каталог инвайт кодов WoT декабрь 2020 - World of … The primary armament of the Panzer 61 was a 105 mm main gun. Each preceding year brought the Type 61 total down substantially. 100% Crew Type 61 (tank), a Japan Ground Self-Defense Force tank Type 61 AAA guns (disambiguation) IX. The second constraint couldn't be met due to the mock up development team finding out that the armour would be too thin to protect the vehicle. Theoretical Damage Per Minute Decreases the gun reload time by 10% if your vehicle's HP drops below 10%. Standard Gun The dimensions of the vehicle were decreased and the armor was reduced. The legendary tank shooter. The Type 61's design is conventional and maybe that's why tank was never exported. It also has a high view range, which is nice, but most of the time not needed. 75% Crew: 8.87 s Előszó - Type 61, a "szegény ember Patton-je" Történelmi háttér. Japan. With 100% Crew: 400 m With Binocular Telescope: 487.5 m The results were used to develop the STA-3 (completed in January 1960) and STA-4 (completed in November 1959) in 1960. Both: 3084 Keep in mind that the Type 61 tends to quickly become a primary target on the battlefield, due to its non-existent armor, dangerous alpha, and raw DPM potential. Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables,,, Great DPM, good penetration and gun handling, Good reverse speed, acceleration and agility, The top radio carries over from the STA-1, but it is recommended to not install it yet, Research the top gun, it's a massive improvement over the stock 90mm, Mount the top radio, or research it in case you skipped doing so on the STA-1. With this combination, playing hull-down finally becomes a valid tactic. Initially, the WZ-120 (Type 59) tank was a copy of the Soviet medium T-54A tank. With 75% Crew: 0.389 m Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. KTTC - Как только, так сразу. Développé de 1954 à 1961 sur la base du char américain M47. With 100% Signal Boost: 864 m Gameplay. The dimensions of the vehicle were decreased and the armor was reduced. This page has been accessed 35,290 times. Both and Max Crew %: 3326.4 "Type 61" - Tier 9 Medium - posted in Mittlere Panzer: Type 61, japanischer Tier 9 Medium Spoiler Type 61 im Vergleich zum Centurion 7/1 VorteileWaffe guter Durchschlag (258mm) gute RoF/DpM für den Durchschlag - Leo PTA/Cent 7/1 haben 1 Schuss/Minute weniger: 8,62s Reload/2715 DpM mit Ansetzer guter Richtwinkel: -10° gute Genauigkeit während der Bewegung etwas schneller als … WoT Tank Compare - Type 61 (Japan Medium Tanks) data, all tank specification Minimal close-in defense… Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commander's 10% crew skill bonus. Die Abmessungen des Fahrzeugs und die Panzerung wurden verringert. Shows a lightbulb three seconds after you've been spotted. Using Shell Type 1 (360 Damage): Theoretical Damage Per Minute The maximum armour thickness is quoted as 64 millimeters. I decided to buy it recently and here are my impressions after 70 battles. 75% Crew: 2978.8 Equipment list: Skill4ltu's Community Clans (EU and NA) are currently recruiting. So do I stick with the 90mm or go for the 105, Ive always gone for the 105 on … Increases the mobility on soft and medium terrain. Standard Gun The first tank developed in Japan after World War II. Reload Times Grants a slight chance of changing the shell type without having to reload again. Increases the view range of your vehicle by 10%. Time to check out its gun, the 105 mm Rifled Gun. Maximum possible: 0.317 m, With 50% Crew: 0.471 m With BiA: 0.356 m With wholly penetrating hits Последний бой год назад. This allows you to shoot twice before most of the enemies you face have reloaded. Rammer: 7.07 s This way you can take advantage of your nice DPM and conserve HP for the endgame. Nominal DPM: 3200 It was developed from 1954 through 1961 on the basis of the American M47 tank. Guest Sign-in to your account. Main cannon has to be 90 mm. Advantageous Damage Per Minute The weight was one of the main concerns since if the first constraint was met, the tank could also be transported by a specially modified truck through most major highways and tunnels in Japan. As a result, the weight of the tank was lighter, and the tank complied with the requirements of the Japanese armed forces. We recommend the Tank Gun Rammer together with the Vertical Stabilizer, for a higher damage per minute and a better chance of hitting your opponents. With 75% Crew: 357.2 m Reduces the aiming time of your gun by 10%. The Panzer 61 was a Swiss Cold War era medium tank later reclassified as a second-generation main battle tank.The tank had a weight of 36.5 tons and was powered by a 630 hp diesel engine, which gave it a top road speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). Vents: 2558.4 But the Type 61’s trump card is the Japanese version of the American 90 mm cannon. Both: 5.06 s 75% Crew: 2437.2 With 100% Crew: 720 m Fight in 7vs7 team battles alone or with friends, research and upgrade armored vehicles, experiment with different tactics and win. It was developed from 1954 through 1961 on the basis of the American M47 tank. STA-4 Prototyp of the Typ61 with the stock turret. It was developed from 1954 through 1961 on the basis of the American M47 tank. The client values, given for 100% crew, will normally be taken into battle with 110% crew skill members aside from specific functions, causing their actual performance to deviate from the expected client value. 100% Crew: 3337.6 With BiA and Vents: 0.349 m This medium tank was introduced along with the initial Japanese Ground Forces tree in Update 1.65 "Way of the Samurai". After World War II, Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP or aka GHQ in Japan) ceased all military manufacturing and development plants in Japan, resulting in Japan losing the technology needed to build and manufacture tanks and armored vehicles. Maximum possible: 0.334 m, With 50% Crew: 2.601 s The Type 61 Main Battle Tank was the first armored vehicle designed and built in post-war Japan. Brothers in Arms is the cherry on top, boosting your combat parameters (similar to the Improved Ventilation). With 75% Crew: 669.7 m The first tank developed in Japan after World War II. 100% Crew: 2503.2 Hover your cursor over the images for more information on each crew skill or perk. Medium Tank. However, the average height of a Japanese person at the time was too small for the M4A3E8, and drivers had difficulty reaching the clutch pedal with their foot. The only thing that limits the mobility of the Type 61 is its low maximum speed (in comparison to other medium tanks) of 55 km/h on roads, with only 45 km/h on terrain. Reduces the duration and damage taken by fire. The armor thickness was roughly the same throughout all of the STA prototypes. All in all, it is a welcome upgrade from the preceding STA-1 and players will most likely enjoy the huge improvement in firepower granted by the top 105mm gun. Type 61 Equipment - posted in Japanese Vehicles: A friend suggested setting it up with vertical stabilizers, rammer, and vents. Entwickelt von 1954 bis 1961 auf Basis des amerikanischen M47. Also some guidance on how to play it from those who have experience with it are appreciated. World of Tanks Blitz. However, due to the Korean War, SCAP ordered Japan to re-militarize, forming armed police forces (National Police Reserve, later called National Security Force, then finally Japan Ground Self Defense Force) and provided M4A3E8 Sherman and M24 Chaffee tanks. WoT Blitz Best Replays — The Type 61 is a Japanese tier 9 medium tank. With 100% Crew: 2.014 s Similar to its predecessor in multiple aspects, the Type 61 needs to keep its distance from the middle of the action as much as the STA-1 needed to (or even more).

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