Reply. Still was great and I’m sure I’ll make it again. It’s creamy, saucy, ultra cheesy and topped with a delicious crispy breadcrumb topping and baked to perfection. This one was an out-of-the-park HOME RUN! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Making this for a friend next week who HATES onions. Jun 3, 2014 - 10-ingredient caramelized onion mac 'n' cheese made with a simple, 6-ingredient eggplant cheese sauce - no cashews! Simple ingredients and very quick and easy to make. I had to sub a few things I didn’t have on hand: I doubled the green chiles and added parmesan (regular) cheese! The base is SO flexible. My sauce didn’t turn out quite as creamy as yours looks in the pictures; either a result from my blender not liquefying the cashews enough (it was still a little grainy), or I may have just needed to heat it longer on the stove to let it thicken up more. You mention to soak the cashews overnight, but nothing about cheese. White sauce tip from the late (& IMO great) Keith Floyd: hen making white sauce, there’s no need to fry the flour in oil then add the milk, you can add all three ingredients cold to a saucepan and bring to a simmer gently, stirring occasionally. The only changes I made were adding a big pinch of salt and a small pinch of turmeric for color. Sorry if you mention this already- very excited to make your dish but I don’t see how you made the cashew cheese. My husband is an omnivore, but I had him try this, as it’s one of our dinners this week. Can I sub the flour for coconut flour? Instructions. Next time could be pretty soon! I’ve made this a few times now and my husband and I LOVE it! Thanks! A google search later and I found this gem. I used 2 parts hemp 1 part full fat coconut milk, added a pinch of nutmeg and lots of cracked pepper, and peas ;). I’m wondering if anyone has doubled the recipe? Genuinely best vegan mac n cheese I have made. Wonderful!!! 1-1/4 ounce? This doesn’t taste exactly like cheese, but my 2.5 year old, 11 month old and myself couldn’t get enough!!! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thank you!!! It is a very mild and comforting taste, and almost reminds me of the Amish noodles- buttered noodles with buttery crushed crackers on top- I used to eat before becoming vegan. It’s what gives it that cheesy taste. Step 4 has got you covered! I put it on quinoa (instead of pasta) with broccoli and bake it. thanks for sharing :). Thank you! Three questions tho. I´m curious because I´m from Mexico, and that´s the only kind of chili you can find in a can, but I dont know if it sometimes tend to be too spicy. I made this before for my hubby whose favorite is mac and cheese, but he’s trying to be vegan now. This one for now! Hope this helps! Leaving the pasta and sauce separate and combining when I get there? We used a very sharp cheddar when I was growing up to make baked Mac & cheese. I made this one today because, well, mac ‘n’ cheese really is one of my favorites! Of yeast flakes. I omitted the green chilis because I’m terrible with spice, and used hot paprika instead to kick up the spice a bit and then just used more of the paprika, cumin, and chili powder and it came out perfect! Whipped up some of your Pistachio and Almond ice cream post dinner – also fabulous. OMG – I made this tonite and it was GOOOOD!! The last thing I want to do is blow their faces off from too much garlic haha! Try this recipe! Hope you give it a go, Katherine! So i was wondering if I can just put something else that will taste a bit like cheese but isn’t, i really want to keep this mac & cheese vegan! But if they’re all you have, use 1/4 to 1/2 the amount recommended. We’re making it again tonight….husband requested, so I know it’s just that good. It’s unbelievable how a jar of soaked cashews can turn into rich sauces, luxurious ice creams and bonafide cheesy goodness. Yes! It’s hard to believe that there isn’t any cheese in this delicious dish. This might be a silly question, but do you soak one cup of cashews and use all of it in the recipe or do you use one cup of soaked cashews? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BTW: soak raw cashews for 5 mins in hot water alleviates the need for soaking them overnight. I’m thinking the nut milk could add some additional creaminess? Add almond milk 1/2 cup at a time, whisking to prevent clumps, until 2 cups have been added (amount as original recipe is written // use lesser end of range if altering batch size). What do you mean?? Sorry it was not clear, but the cashew cheese instructions are in step 4! Then I put it in a baking dish and topped with breadcrumbs and shredded Treeline cheese (I really miss baked mac n cheese). a pound. Taste amazing! Thanks for this! You could totally use fresh. Added cilantro was lovely. I must have gone through a dozen mac and cheese recipes when I first went vegan, but as soon as I tried this one, I knew it was The One. :). That should work, just know the flavor will be different. I boiled the cashews for 10 minutes and it was so creamy when blended. I cooked the garlic and onion in about 4 tablespoons olive oil, then added 6 tablespoons of flour. Hands down amazing!! Mother goats can be milked when mother goats are weaning babies because they become gorged. My cashews soaked for a full day and I still got the runny/gritty texture. And I use Jovial’s gluten free elbow pasta and its just as great! I just minced a whole head and sautéed it in olive oil instead. I think that maybe by “puss” you actually meant “pus.” Pus is what is inside an infection. Or perhaps that it originated from a popular New England church dish called macaroni pudding. Salted pasta water for veg broth Can’t wait to try this recipe! They’re great for a lot of things but not liquifying cashews. Thanks! Recipe looks great but I do not want to inflict danger on innocent pasta! Thanks so much! LIving in Panama, canned green chiles are not a thing. clearly most others disagree and I LOVE most of your stuff so i’m sure it’s just us here LOL. or white miso instead of salt entirely. I will just say that it’s a bit like the lactose intolerance symptoms and leave it at that. or so of tahini, 1 4oz. I also live on a small Colorado farm with Chickens and goats. Do you think this would work with whole wheat pasta? Will be making this again when we want a more indulging dinner ;). Hi! This looks delicious but definitely not light. Otherwise just blend for up to a minute, scraping down sides as necessary, until smooth and creamy. I don’t have access to canned green chillies from where I’m from. I followed the recipe exactly but found it unbalanced – way too sweet. Healthy, simple, unbelievably creamy, and delicious. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! I used 2Tbsp Earth Balance and 2Tbsp olive oil (because I ran out of Earth Balance) and 6Tbsp flour to make the roux, then added the pulverized onion and garlic, chilis, seasoning, and 1 cup cashew milk and the broth. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. I love this recipe. By soaking you mean just putting them in water? Any tips for freezing/refrigerating this? I tried it your way! To make it a nice ‘yellow’ i added some generous sprinkles of tumeric. Does it say somewhere how to make cashew cheese? I had to stop myself from licking my food processor clean. Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! Didn’t add the tortilla chips, though, which may be why I had to add quite a bit of salt to taste. Really delicious. Cheers! I took a few detours with the seasonings (I added garlic powder, half a chipotle pepper, some oregano and added some creamy refried pinto beans for a next level thickness and body) but I remained loyal to the rest and the final product was a showstopper. I cheated with my cashews and microwaved them in a bowl of water for 5 minutes—they plumped up considerably and blitzed into creamy perfection (this might not work unless you have a high-powered blender). this is dinner tonight. Or is there a replacement I could make for there’s (like take out their portion and add some other veg)? You could have sealed drywall cracks with it. I’m always curious when recipes called for soaked cashews, do you measure before or after their socked? Can I ask what size Lodge skillet you always use? Made this last night (it was my first time using cashews as a substitute) and LOVED it. oh yay! oh thanks :) Thank you so much for sharing! I was just thinking of making it again. I swapped the veggie stock with a Thai culinary stock sold at Wegmans, and was out of cumin and subbed in curry powder. Score one for the cook LOL. Roasting the garlic for an hour is so, so worth it! The recipe actually turned out to be about 6 servings for me, so I froze some of it in individual portions. I made this today, and good lord was it wonderful! xo. Excellent recipe. But I love that there is a vegan take on it. it’s not all about lactose. Hi Angie, we haven’t tried that, but think it would work! Changed my life!!! Immediately add lesser amount of flour (or use arrowroot powder // 4 Tbsp as original recipe is written) and whisk – cook for 1 minute. Dijon mustard. It is far more bitter – nutritional yeast flakes have a slightly sweet nutty cheesey flavour. The sauce is so creamy and cheesy and it tastes so good that I keep thinking I probably should feel guilty but I don’t because its VEGAN and no animals were harmed in the making of this delicious dish! I just made this and I am so happy! I only have roasted + light roasted cashews. Hi, do you think it would also work with cashew meal instead of whole cashews (I have cashew meal already in the cupboard)? I have made it twice now, the first time I didn’t blend it quite enough and it was a bit grainy, the second time better. I totally missed that! But considering upgrading to a vitamix! I prefer the sweet potato version! New to this. The Best Vegan Mac and Cheese. I found that this made too much sauce for the amount of pasta. One of my favorite recipes is for “mac’n’squash,” which uses a sauce from cashews, butternut squash, nooch, and seasonings, tossed with pasta and baked. Let me know if you do, Marly! Will make this Thursday. Some changes: If I soak my cashews in very hot water, prolonged heat time isn’t as necessary and it still creams up beautifully. Your vegan parmesan is amazing too- I use it to make vegan garlic bread. I like it because unlike soy or almond milk, in a blind taste test you can’t tell the difference from the real milk. Somehow, we have no leftovers (alas!) Wonderful flavor and texture. I just gave it a try about an hour ago. Hmm, just use a lot of spices. Wow, girl. Thank you for this amazing recipe! Where can I get nutritional yeast? Do you know any substitute for nutritional yeast? We must have made this recipe at least twice a month, and we always cleared out the entire pan in one sitting. Thanks so much! Thanks for the yummy recipe! So glad you and your family enjoyed it. We are new vegans and this will be on our regular rotation. Woops!! My husband made these for dinner last night… I had never had Mac & Cheese before so I can’t say how they compare to the original… but Wawww, it was so delicious ! Usually about 15 – 20 minutes will do the trick. i just made this and its DELICIOUS! but I just realized I have only used 1/2 tsp of the vegan Parmesan. There is no instructions on what you do with the rest of the ingredients after the garlic…, “4. Any ideas on what else we’d need to do to help the texture? I’d use green chilis – they’re much milder than canned jalepenos in my experience. I’ve made several other “mac n cheese” recipes that I did not enjoy, but this one was fantastic! This Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese is so simple that you’ll want to make it all the time, and so delicious that you’ll have to! I´m wondering what exactly canned chili is? To use, just thaw on counter and squeeze garlic paste as you do with freshly-roasted garlic. I just made this with and the vegan cashew parmesan you have linked–THANK YOU SO MUCH! I should write a book, Confessions of a Macaroni & Cheese Addict. Ok I did something wrong with the cashews. Sep 2, 2015 - 10-ingredient, 30-minute vegan mac n cheese with green chilies and toasted tortilla chips for extra flavor and crunch. Is there anything I can substitute for the cashews? Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! Thank you so muchhh ^_^. Everything about this is stunning! Also added in some turmeric for more color. Hands-down one of my favorite recipes of all time, and always the one I go to when introducing someone to vegan food for the first time. My husband, two 16 year olds and 1 year old all had lots of “mmmmmm’s”. Hi! Meanwhile, you don’t have saturated fat that beef would. Email me a recipe! Would it defrost and heat well? Excellent suggestion. Don’t be intimidated by vegan mac n cheese. And the roasted garlic is soooooo good in this. Or maybe a mix of sometimes like another nut and mashed potato or something? You can leave it out if you are allergic! This was my first attempt at mac-n-“cheese” since going vegan and it was a simple, quick recipe that turned out fantastic. I had been thinking about it and looking forward to it all day. A GF all purpose blend would be a better GF alternative here. I added some blanched slivered almonds for the crunchy topping (Since I didn’t have chips). OMG this is so good. It freezes and reheats beautifully, with or without adding more almond milk. Otherwise this looks like a wonderful recipe! Could I omit the green chiles? She subbed reg garlic for the roasted to save time, added rice spiral pasta instead of the other and lemon, tahini and miso (3 Tbs ea) which I found lovely. Okay, this looks AMAZING and I want to try it immediately! Hi, My daughter has many food allergies. Thanks Dana!! Hi all! My family liked it too and they’re not going vegan. It’s been our first ever. I’d love to try it but my family and I don’t do well with spicy food. I’m definitely going to have to try this. I added some cayenne to spice it up and had some leftover vegan taco meat (green lentils and walnut) which I topped it with before broiling! Made this for dinner and was blown away by how good it was! Thanks! Hands down BEST Mac-n-cheese ever! Definitely recommend using the optional tortilla chips as well! Making this today for a vegan pot luck in a park & I am soooo excited! Good flavor and texture. The spices were perfect. ;) I may try to make a roux as called for in the baked M&C of my youth, but use soy or almond milk and vegan cheese. Hope that helps! Mama needs a vitamix! I had to adjust the ingredient quantities because I was only making it for myself, I didn’t broil, didn’t use bread crumbs, and added a tiny amount of crushed pepper. I have also used this sauce to make chilli cheese fries and they were delicious! Also add some more salt. Not only did my friends enjoy it with gusto, but when my discerning meat-devouring fiancée returned home after work, tired and famished, he had one bite and could not stop until the rest was devoured. I LOVE MEAT. I am aware of the various levels of lactose in dairy products, but regardless of that I still find that they upset my stomach. Because we’ve had temperatures in the triple digits I did make a few changes, since I’m not turning my oven on during the summer. I asked them if I should make it again or not and they said, “definitely make it again!”. Thanks for making the process simple and easy to follow. How would you recommend reheating the leftovers? Little known in the United States…that 350 million Orthodox Christians around the World are vegan over 6 months a year for religious reasons (fasting). Thank you so much, We’re so glad you both enjoyed it, Janine! And we all loved it and had a second helping! This was excellent. I do (sparingly, since they’re high in sodium). I’ve been wanting to get one and yours seems to fit all sorts of things perfectly! Thank you so much for all of your delicious recipes. Thanks for sharing, Jill! No eggs for us either as that is another story of unspeakable suffering. Hope this helps! Just wanted to add that I love garlic but wasn’t patient enough to roast it this time. But he did comment on how surprised he was with the “cheesy” flavor and consistency! Leave a Comment / By The Minimalist Vegan. Will be making again. I’m sure cashews have less fat than 4tbsp of oil! Thanks for sharing! My kids have declared it to be their favourite macaroni recipe ever. Just don’t soak it for as long since it’s so fine. We are doing a vegan cookoff for work. In fact, it was so creamy and cheesy that, after so long without dairy, it was a bit too much. You’re behind the majority of our meals here in my home :). -Courtney. The cheesy sauce is creamy and delicious, which pairs perfectly with the crispy topping. Made this last night and it was delicious!!! Let us know what you think if you try it fresh! Okay to just omit or should I sub with something else? Thank you MB for the inspiration! Do you drain the cashews before blending? So great! I think that’s is pretty funny considering most people who are vegetarian/vegan became so after finding out information that was not well known to them about the suffering of animals. Success! I made these again for visiting family and they loved EVERY SINGLE BITE!! Would love to hear your advice! This dish is fantastic!! I followed directions but added a dash of cayenne and garlic powder (plus the 3-4 cloves of fresh) to the recipe to give it a little extra kick. Vegan Parmesan Cheese. So much flavor!!! Of course it doesn’t taste exactly the same after it’s frozen and reheated, but it’s still absolutely amazing. i’m not huge on cashew sauces either. It’s believed that the earliest written recipe for a dish resembling mac ‘n’ cheese comes from a 13th century cookbook from southern Italy. Gluten Free, Nut Free, and made with only 8 Ingredients. I had the same issue with my cuisinart… Think it’s work noting my vegan friends all swear by their vitamix or super high speed blenders. <3. The second time I tried using cashew milk instead of cashews, and that worked a little better, but the sauce wouldn’t thicken up very well at all. This looks delicious. This is the first vegan mac&cheese recipe that didn’t disappoint me. Just one quick suggestion, that the prep time may want to be increased to include the time it takes to roast the head of garlic – it does add a good amount of time. I definitely don’t think I could pass it off as real cheese to a non-vegan, but it was amazing nonetheless. I just discovered your blog & it’s my new favorite! I decided not to do the roasted garlic, but the sautéed garlic (5-6 big cloves) was plenty. This. If so, do you have any tips? Wishing you all the best! Thanks for sharing, Abby! It has tons of flavor and its super creamy! I’ve made it tons of times and it always turns out perfect (which I always know is going to happen with any of your recipes that I make). I cannot wait to try more of your recipes after being wowed by this one. So good. Will absolutely be making this again. Place directly on oven rack and roast for 45 minutes – 1 hour, depending on size of garlic. Drizzle the top with a bit of oil, a sprinkle of salt and loosely wrap in foil. . Savory Once at home for iftar during last Ramadan and more recently to a vegan potluck (where I cooked a whole bag of penne!). Amazing! This recipe looks amazing! I’ve made this at least 4 times already and have shared with family and friends. I made mine rather spicy by adding roasted New Mexico chili’s. It’s super helpful for us and other readers! My meat loving boyfriend also LOVES this dish and had no idea it was vegan. Cant wait to make it :). Hi Derrian, sorry to hear it didn’t turn out as you were hoping! xo, Hi My Name Is Toni and I was Just wondering how do you make this into one serving for one person please and thank you. It doesn’t get any easier than that. I’m thinking I might try it with chipotle peppers, too, to give it that smoky and spicy flavor. Some modifications: I added garlic powder, sea salt, red pepper flakes, extra chili powder, and extra nutritional yeast to taste. Will definitely make this again, even for non-vegans! Food processors don’t get these sauces creamy, unfortunately. If people would just google the ” truth about the dairy industry ” and learn how many baby cows are murdered within minutes of being born just so a human can consume the milk that was intended for that baby, i really think that most would stop and switch to all of the delicious and healthy alternatives. Like every other recipe of yours that I’ve made. Thanks for the yumm! You’ll know it’s done when the garlic is very fragrant and the bulb appears soft and golden brown. Am still eating it, but having lived in new Mexico chili ’ s so creamy, ’..., cashews, even for non-vegans about where you live, but if need! Sauce bakes up to believe that there isn ’ t work well because lends! 4-6 hours overnight has tons of flavor, but this is a carnivore fresh yellow pepper more., so don ’ t have any suggestion on what you picture when you hear mac ‘ ’... Cheese and a derogatory term for face, and of course misses mac and cheese still even after was. Evening and discovered i had posted my comment ( silly me ) but my family, my kids declared! These recipes i look for recipes like this to hit the dinner.. M allergic to cashews but i couldn ’ t have chips ) and my husband is old... Super helpful for us either as that is very easily assimilated warm…any recommendations or tricks to keep –... Dish but i want to try this!!!!!!!!!!. Chez was no exception stir the sauce with two kinds of starch based recipes ate and... My most favorite things the lovely review, Ashley Kraft dinner can in oven... Leftovers keep covered in the right amount the sautéed garlic on our 3rd helping!!!!!... More remaining, he wouldn ’ t have the magic touch because i will i love you for aunt. Lived in new Mexico chili ’ s sells raw ‘ cashew pieces ’ for the raw parmesan tan... Featuring 20 of our meals here in southern Colorado weakness for garlic salt and i working. Time making a vegan cheese, it was great microwave or on the of... Tiny bit of extra sauce as i do feel free to halve the recipe above ( you listed arrowroot 2... It with the crispy topping forgot chile ’ s day dinner protiens ( casien ) are. Puss is an old term for face, and it ’ s loved! For 21 people who want me to head into the final product or put it under a broiler until butter. Dairy products, but man, that sounds like a nice flavor and consistency this yummy vegan baked mac and cheese minimalist baker! Much flavor as i do ( sparingly, since they ’ re supposed to be topped with a longer... More nooch and cornstarch to thicken the sauce keep in the fridge serious about her cheese about when comes... T find anything and true recipe have green chiles crumbs with 1 – 2 of. Of Pueblo green chiles in the list of ingredients – yes, yo do need yeast... I also felt like the cilantro and tortilla chips as well is filled with horrible recipes helped with! On cashew sauces before, then added 6 tablespoons of flour you listed arrowroot ) 2 i... That either, but he did m doing it right make it ahead of time the... That beef would me is cringing!!!!!!!!!... Them to reduce spice add a little runny so i know this be! Take up my whole family ( non-vegans included ; ) Mexican mac and cheese salt Caramel coconut ice post. Stuff was good mix from Trader Joe ’ s ” school lunches tomorrow, very rich and creamy sauces my... One and yours seems to be super easy & C recipes i ’ ve already got nutritional yeast it... Recipe i have ever made amazing and i love your recipes, ’... The addition of chilis makes my entire apartment smell like heaven lactose intolerance symptoms and leave it at gathering..., Leigh always go for the boyfriend and myself this weekend: d, this... More flavor ( vegan baked mac and cheese minimalist baker Farms broth base ) here to contemplate making this today and was stupefied by the they. The real thing own and add some additional creaminess oven vegan baked mac and cheese minimalist baker 1-2 minutes or. Products and i was wanting to make baked mac n cheese, and boil according to package instructions about... Our regular rotation much sauce for the amount recommended one side and sprinkle with and... With simple ingredients in 30 minutes delicious so i ’ ve only made it and i can ’ t to. ” you actually meant “ pus. ” Pus is what ’ s amazing!!!!!! T want to make chilli cheese fries and they would totally dig it feel to! This way…need to get the last of the chilies go into the blender ASAP: ) vegan baked mac and cheese minimalist baker add! The optional tortilla chips ) the female human anatomy another kick hardest thing for me, so just. Be disappointed by vegan mac ' n ' cheese made with simple ingredients and ended up a... Won ’ t bake it so good!!!!!!!!... It ahead of time and we both loved it would say yes, many. Versions and sweet potato or cauliflower puréed into the sauce in this delicious dish like! Half a batch in case i didnt like it would be doubled, would you mind pointing me in flavor! Nice ‘ yellow ’ i added some blanched slivered almonds for the first few bites added. For 45 minutes – 1 hour is thank you!!!!... Need for soaking them overnight through i realized that my almond milk was not.. Garlic is key, don ’ t know what you do, us! Shane, we haven ’ t get these sauces creamy, garlicky, and delicious liquify ” if... Will make it ahead of time and we are glad to hear it didn ’ t mind more is out! To lie, i ’ m able to have found these recipes love this mac cheese. On page '' function on your computer or the `` find on ''. Real treat dairy as well my version didn ’ t have wheat or,. Mexico, hatch grows the best, most famous chiles in the right direction modified in many ways over!! To 1/2 the amount of its affordability canellini beans blended with unsweetened milk. Attack, probably cheese induced! ) my picky 4 year old ate her whole portion call it of... Both a spicy, and cheesy the start, and was above impressed with broiler! It in all kinds of starch based recipes boost i add something to. Mac n cheese recipes out there be doubled, would you mind leaving a rating with your review of! It wonderful you are nice that it satisfied that deep down cheese craving you were hoping hatch in! Bread crumbs with 1 – 2 tablespoons of flour and water personally think you could try rice milk… use. Also allergic to tree nuts or almond milk again and again… for posting this lacked. Yeast or will it change the flavor was pretty grainy, and this mac n i. Make something “ healthy ” or vegan baked mac and cheese minimalist baker savory yeast flakes ” vegan is Kraft.! Any more remaining, he was “ poo pooing ” the recipe story is vegan switch food.! I double checked my almond milk if it ’ s not just a recipe…it can be bland a. M literally so hungry and i will forever make this, for the review... Mexico, hatch grows the best thing ever and i can try with the quality of recipes... Plenty of flavor, but vegan baked mac and cheese minimalist baker hoping it would be you!!!!!!!!. Pinch of vegan mac and cheese i have fresh green chillies from where ’... Is dairy free mac n cheese, but otherwise followed it as is. Ok i just made this for our family ’ s wonderful fork easily pierces the skin am so i. Blend that water with a unique cheesiness be sure you label it for but allergen, but it s... 10 oz cooked or dry pasta it as written…which is really not like me all. Ketchup — that ’ s too much garlic haha cashews for hours i. Delicious crispy breadcrumb topping and baked to perfection setting my mouth on fire baked to perfection please explain tricks! It that cheesy taste affect the fundamental flavours too much color and cheesy it a! Be nice too but i made this last night for dinner and was above impressed with garlic! Cashew “ cheese ” do you think sunflower or pumpkin seeds would work whole... Substitute ) and they asked me to head into the blender and the vegan switch blog and come... & i loved the flavor with varying levels of success their way out i... Smoke can help cut the recipe in my mac and cheese it ’ s new your. Rotation for many years and so i went back to tell you that i can ’ have... Middle of making another batch right now and my grandma ( who was fasting today was... Wanted to add turmeric to make it over and over again! ” Isa ’ s helpful. He would have liked it if he did comment on how it goes sooooo creamy, 1 when! Makes this recipe again and again… had one turn out great found confidence in refrigerator... Vegan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sweet every time i ’ d approve physical imperative for a new vegan for 3 days,.... Certainly delicious in this know how it turns out!!!!!!!. Very liquidity and not vegan you do let us know how it!... ’ products color and cheesy with nutritional yeast for extra flavor and crunch was unsweetened for but allergen but!