I hatevpears but love your recipe. ), about 1 cup whipping or heavy cream with 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar, and sometimes 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract. I will try this one next weekend. One year ago: Spiced Applesauce Cake I doubled the fruit, but only 1.5 the sugar, corn starch and topping, and that was perfect for us. Thanks! Sure, you could do this in a bowl but then you’d also have to wash that bowl and hooray for fewer dishes. I’ll let you know. I can’t wait to try more of these great recipes. Earth Balance butter is popular among the vegan bakers I know. A crumble to the rescue! Prepare filling: Toss rhubarb, strawberries, lemon juice, sugar, cornstarch and a pinch of salt in a 9-inch deep-dish pie plate. It was almost half fruit/half crumble topping. Plate-licking delicious. I am officially in love with the strawberry/rhubarb combo :), Yummy, fresh rhubarb from my son’s rhubarb patch and fresh native strawberries from the farm stand down the road, and your recipe made for an awesome dessert, thanks so much, love your recipes, only thing I did different was sprinkle the top with a little cinnamon/sugar mixture I make and keep on hand for my baking, this is a keeper for sure, have a great day~~. I am in a dinner club that gets together once a month – we have a theme, and we each have to make a new recipe related to that theme. Zuviel verlangt? gingersnaps? Thanks! Screw the diet plan. This looks amazing. Personally, I can’t imagine wanting anything more from dessert. Thanks you! It was amazing, but I had to add about 8-10 minutes to the cooking time. I forgot lemons, also, and used a splash of fancy white balsamicish vinegar – it turned out beautifully. Definitely. :). I also add the pepper to my gingersnaps. Thank you again, and have a wonderful holiday season. Plus – ridiculously easy to throw together. I’ve made this a few times and love it. I have to dip my oar in here. 1/4 cup oatmeal [OPTIONAL] 1 cup raw pecans; 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour; 1/2 cup powdered sugar; 2 tablespoons coarse sugar, such as Turbinado or Sugar in the Raw; use granulated if you have neither; 3/4 teaspoon table salt; 1/2 teaspoon baking powder I’m thinking of using Deb’s all butter pic crust recipe for the bottom and then putting the crumbles on the top. They like acid and they like berries; brighter fall spices like ginger play off them well and you’ll be surprised what a pinch of white pepper can do to wake them up. It came out perfectly. In fact, there are recipes I’ve made that I never would have tried otherwise just because they looked so tasty the way you made them (baked spinach, I’m looking at you). Yummy! I just ate my first bite. I am not a pro by any means, but my research is showing that use of cream, milk, or eggs, necessitates something being put into the fridge, but fruit crumbles can be left out. can’t wait to make this! A recipe that’s more about the method than it is the ingredients, it turns out tender potatoes with an irresistibly crispy … I’m gonna have to do all of them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is one of my favorite strawberry rhubarb treats! 1..could i substitute the rhubarb and strawberries for apples to make an apple crumble? We get together once and month and each bring a recipe we’ve made from your site. Will definitely make this again over the holidays! This is a terrific recipe! I will make them soon; I confess that I’m excited about them because they don’t contain candied ginger or fresh ginger, two harmless ingredients that make sense in gingersnaps but that I don’t care for in them. As for ripeness–buy them while they are still hard, then wait 2-3 days. Hello, wanted to thank you or sharing this recipe! I found this recipe via the Simply Breakfast blog. Hi Deb – do you think you could use dried cranberries, instead of fresh, for this? I made your recipe using King Arthur gluten free baking mix , gluten free oats and brown sugar. So yummy! My husband will grouse, because I don’t want to take the cranberries out. does it make a difference between varieties? Repeat with remaining potatoes. Oh, my. I have to cook for a diabetic family :(, The inviting ginger snappiness of this recipe was far too good to resist! Love that when I searched for a strawberry-rhubarb recipe I found yours. Thanks! Thanks Rachel, I’ll note that and try this recipe. Your photos are fantastic. I have been gluten free since 1993 because of celiac disease. I agree- crisps and crumbles are one of my favorite go-to desserts. This dessert will be a regular for us from now on. Yay, now I get to try the gingersnap crumble in a much more affordable way. Stir together the flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, gingersnap crumbs, ginger and salt. So in love with pears with this year! I usually whip cream by hand (the exercise balances out the calories of the cream, right? Really enjoyed the unique texture of the topping. Still tastes great but would not recommend. Superb! Sep 7, 2020 - Last month, Ruth Reichl, food writer extraordinaire and the last editor-in-chief of the now shuttered Gourmet magazine, rounded up her 10 favorite recipes from her magazine years for … But definitely something I plan to make again. Almost gone! I’ve had a little carton of fresh Michigan cranberries sitting in my fridge just waiting for something spectacular! Thanks for the posting. I made a few other changes — namely that I dialed back the sugar significantly, and am very happy that I did — but I kept the real genius of Melissa’s pie intact, which is they way she balanced the mellowness of the pear with all sorts of bright things like lemon, cranberries and a backdrop of spice. This is a keeper. They’re much sweeter, however, so I’d probably dial back the sugar. Guess I will try Bartlett and cook them up before ripe enough to eat. Next time I might go nutsy and add some oatmeal and some pecans into the topping mix. I have been obsessed with using Speculoos cookies as crumble topping. thank you so much! My husband and I, well, we’re exactly as exciting as you might imagine because we talk about pears a lot. The topping is delicious and, most importantly, not too heavy, and more would have been even better. Whatever it was, it tasted delicious. Perfectly crunchy topping. New here? Do you think I could put this filling in the gingersnap crust you use for the dark chocolate tart? For a really delicious thick crumble try this recipe http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/rhubarb_crumble_and_30751. cut back on the sugar, added extra lemon zest. I regularly make this for BBQs and just keep filling up bigger and bigger pans while keeping the ratios the same – recently I made 8x the recipe in two roasting pans to serve 40 people.I almost always use all rhubarb instead of half strawberries and increase the sugar in the filling to 3/4 cups. I just picked blueberries and was searching for a good peach/blueberry crisp and came upon this recipe. I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud while reading your first paragraph–but goodness, you sure do make it sound dreamy! Tastes good cold as well, although I haven’t reheated or nuked it yet, but it probably wont affect the taste. I also browned the butter in the crumb topping. Never. I just tried this recipe and swapped out toronado sugar with brown sugar. Fab recipe. I share the love of the traditional crisp topping, so decided to give this a go. any tips? They give out medals for this kind of valor, right? The taste and crunch from the streusel were perfection. Did you use a melon baller to core your pears? So good! that’s the trick: acid and berries! Make the crumble and keep it in a container. There was more Rhubarb to pick from our garden, so I just cut all (My topping also didn’t come out in lumps but was more like wet cookie dough, so I put it in little pieces on the fruit.) Finally seeing some rhubarb in my grocery store … this will be the first rhubarb recipe of the year for me! That looks so gorgeous, it’s amazing. Let them fry for 8 to 10 minutes, turning pieces over as they brown underneath, until pieces are a deep golden brown all over — don’t compromise on the color. I’ve made this a few times now, I love it. What about if we did this with tapioca flour? love your site! How many gingersnaps did you eat while making this dish and waiting for it to bake? In face, I think that it is the dessert that Dolly Parton referred to in Steel Magnolias…. That looks wonderful. I was blown away by this one! Deb – Made your recipe exactly…we loved it! Deb – Love the combination of fall fruits and ginger. My 11 year old made this for the second time in as many weeks, delicious! Crumble toppings are really just cookies, right? Maybe need to cook down the mixture first and further reduce the juices?? raspberry crumble tart bars May 2019 Last month, Ruth Reichl, food writer extraordinaire and the last editor-in-chief of the now shuttered Gourmet magazine, rounded up her 10 favorite recipes from her magazine years for Epicurious. This was so yummy, Deb! Thanks for posting this. I can get down with that. !” So all the stars aligned in my kitchen last weekend and I pulled out a perfect crumble for some friends…and I’ve been thinking about how great it was ever since. I may even have some leftovers for breakfast (minus the ice cream)! What a fabulous fall/winter recipe. I ended up with a cup and a half of rhubarb and 2+ cups of strawberries. The combo of flavours was really nice, although next time I’ll add powdered ginger to the pear mixture as well. I made it GF with the help of Trader Joe’s ginger snaps and GF Pantry all purpose flour. Desiree — That’s plain yogurt in the last photo. This looks wonderful! (Grew up in Ca and only heard of it because I’ve been reading your blog for years.) Two servings it will be to help them celebrate July 4th. So I hopped online and came straight here- I didn’t even bother to look at Martha Stewart or Barefoot Contessa! Next time I will try it with cornstarch, as the doubled fruit mixture seemed a bit murky from the flour. (if you happen to remember this brand next time your need Snaps, you should give’em a try. As it turned out, the gluten-free guest at my dinner party was on a diet and didn’t want dessert, but the rest of us gluten-eaters happily ate it. https://www.thekitchn.com/strawberry-rhubarb-crisp-recipe-23009718 Place 1/2 the fruit filling in the casserole, top with the baked pie crust pie (break into pieces if you need to) add more filling, then top with the unbaked crust. I made this today and am enjoying a piece now. Also just wanted to let you know I added a link on my blog to this recipe. Have you and Alex ever eaten a Starkrimson pear? before going bad. I love your photos and this recipe sounds so wonderful. I clearly need to get out more. thanks! I’m a little nutty in the way I core things, but I’ve been doing it for years and could do it in my sleep. It was my first time cooking with fresh cranberries, and I really liked the way that they burst. Website. The crumble topping looks interesting and will be a nice break from the standard oatmeal crisp one I always do. Corn starch change was really good – I would have changed it anyway. This was Fantastic. This is too delicious and I have to make it this weekend with the sad looking apple-pears that have been taking space in my refrigerator. Tried this last night… I was going to make a pie, but crust and I don’t get along that well. So thank you Deb, for earning me raves and adoration from my incredibly picky mother-in-law. Too bad I don’t have time to bake until the weekend. I was worried about how much flour was called for thinking it might make it gummy, but now I realize that it gives all that butter something to bind with the ginger snaps to crisp perfectly. I also added rolled oats to the topping mixture and it turned out so well! This recipe is a keeper. Will this be ok in the freezer in the uncooked state, and then do I allow to thaw or just put it in the oven? Can’t wait for your cookbook! Those cranberries add terrific color. Oh boy, that sounds like a perfect autumn treat! every single time i’m always impressed by your recipes :) ya got great taste buds lol xxo em. First, this is the best strawberry rhubarb dessert I’ve ever had. I’ll admit I made changes to the filling by using minute tapioca instead of cornstarch. Cheers. Our crumbles also typically don’t have flour in the fruit mix but we would butter the baking dish generously before tumbling in the fruit and sugar and that with the bottom layer of topping seems to thicken the fruit just fine. You see we have the same discussion in our home but my husband is the one who likes them. In like an hour. And I wasn’t disappointed at all! Would it taste just as good or would the crumble be soggy? I need non dairy desserts! I’ve made one before with pears apples and pluots. It was delish! I don’t need it gummy, but it’s definitely too watery. How difficult is it to change an ingredient and still have it come out right? Always using ingrdients that are in season. I didn’t have gingersnaps so I just made the same kind of topping I would use for apple crisp and it still turned out great! And your baby is all sorts of cute. i realized upon arriving home after work and starting supper for the company that was coming over that i had forgotten completely about desert! (But again, the almonds do serve to accentuate the pear flavors.). The only thing I might modify is a bit less flour because once cooled slightly, it became a bit too jello-like. It is soooo good! The crunchy sugar in the topping was the perfect touch, plus I could fool myself into thinking “it’s not dessert, it’s vitamins“. Someone from the local farmers market has been selling fresh cranberries, now I have an excuse to buy them! I love how this is not super sweet and the tart rhubarb comes through. Delicious! cranberries? Had it warmed up again for breakfast with a nice dollop of greek yogurt. This sounds so yummy. I love the freshness the lemon zest and juice add, the pears absorb them so well. I had reduced the sugar quite a bit, FWIW. But I like the idea of using gingersnaps as a crumble topping. This was awesome. yum my stomach is happy, made gingersnaps yesterday and tomorrows breakfast is leftover wit yoghurt…. What a great way to switch it up. Thanks, i love your blog. If I wanted to bake this filling into a pie, do you think there is anything about the recipe here that you would recommend changing? I adore this recipe. Required fields are marked *. I would love to make this, but I would need to make it celiac-friendly. I made this 3 times in the past two weeks and I am still not tired of it. Thanks for sharing all your amazing recipes! OH, wow! We added some fine chopped walnuts to the topping since we are nut fiends, and some cinnamon. 1/8 teaspoon cloves . My only question is — why so much lemon? I ate the whole thing for breakfast the other day. It looks delicious – I can’t wait to eat it tonight! Love your writing and photos as always! This looks wonderful – do you have any suggestions for switching the butter in the crumble for a vegan Thanksgiving? I’m dairy free these days – any butter alternative that I can use for the topping? I made three–one to eat now, one to give away, one to freeze. My waistline is making me choose just one, but they both have nutritional value…. pecorino!) I’m going to try this with Fuyu persimmons (the kind that’s like apples, crunchy rather than soft) instead of pears. I can’t praise this recipe enough. Simple and delicious, will make soon hopefully! :), Hi, Loved it! We are obsesssed!! Thanks! Your photos are always so gorgeous I almost forget this is a recipe blog! PERFECT topping to fruit ratio. I’d love to make it! I took this to a gathering and now have to get the recipe copied for several. Maybe more sugar.”) The rhubarb in the kitchen is now destined for a crumble. Jan 25, 2019 - In my defense, I resisted this crumble for possibly even a single hour before going to the kitchen to assemble the ingredients. I froze everything in the baking dish I cooked it. I have an apple cranberry crisp that I love, the change to pears and cranberries sounds delicious. Eaten with sour cream ice cream, it’s to die for. Since then I have gotten rhubarb a few more times and have made a few versions of this recipe now – rhubarb and strawberries, rhubarb and blackberries, rhubarb and strawberries and blueberries. Mmmmmmm. A crisp is usually, uh, crispier, often with nuts and oats. It’s so cute that they set up a pumpkin patch in the city. I always found pears a bit boring in baking, but now I know! This was an accidental (but very happy) discovery made one day when I didn’t have enough blueberries for a pie, and looked around to see what else I could put with them. I was worried about my pears since a few were still pretty hard; those that were soft were oh, so frustrating to peel and slice (slimy!). I ended up baking mine for 55, as opposed to 45 minutes, but that’s probably due to differences in ovens. Also, I usually use tapioca starch rather than flour or corn starch. I was searching your blog for pear recipes to use up a bunch of pears my neighbor gave me from her tree. Definitely making this. Thanks for the inspiration, “surprise me” button. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. I made this is a couple nights ago, and it was delicious. Made this with some of the rhubarb from my CSA and it was fantastic. I made this this weekend, subbing 4c of blueberries for the strawberry/rhubarb, and it was AMAZING. In general, if it shares a baking time and sweetness level with pears, you’ll be fine. I’ll take the blame, I’m sure I usually start the conversation, which goes roughly like, “Pears? Now if I could find a pear that had a smooth flesh with a bit of crispness and ABSOLUTELY no GRIT.. :). My mother makes an apple crumble to die for — when she was visiting a few weeks ago, I demanded she make one, and then I stood by her side the entire time she did, so that I might be able to reciprocate her technique (the recipe, she says, is in her head) in my own kitchen when she’d gone. It was a hit, and converted skeptics to rhubarb lovers. Question for you, please. Place potatoes in a large pot and cover by one inch with cold water. So, if a crumble is just fruit + a cookie-ish topping, why not make it a great cookie, perhaps with deeply toasted pecan sandies? Everyone LOVES your strawberry-rhubarb crumble!’. You’re brave. BTW, it would totally pass for lunch in my house! To wit, prior to stumbling upon this curiosity in the wonderful A Boat, A Whale and a Walrus, an assembly of … Stir in the melted butter until large crumbs form. The only difference is that I use whole wheat pastry flour and evaporated cane juice for the flour and white sugar, and it still works splendidly. My little girl and I have made five strawberry rhubarb crumbles since a local farm had a delivery of rhubarb (it doesn’t grow well in the South). Thank you for the wonderful recipe. On the holiday that may as well be called National Brunch Day, Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen advises skipping the endless mimosas in favor of cooking this easy strawberry-granola crisp at … I really appreciated that no food processor was needed! We just celebrated our New Zealand Thanksgiving (we never manage to fit in with Canadian or American Thanksgiving) and I couldn’t find fresh of frozen cranberries anywhere and really didn’t want to use dried cranberries. I found the best “boughten” Ginger Snaps at a little grocery outlet/closeout store nearby (CA). If you want to substitute cornstarch (or tapioca/arrowroot) for flour in the filling of this or any pie/cobbler/crisp/crumble, make sure to use half the quantity of flour called for in the recipe.

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