Dear God Father help and mercy to my brother-in-law. I was doing this prayer last month with a request in my mind which was answered as a miracle. You are the greatest. AMEN, This prayer should be said for 03 consecutive days. Thank you for giving us your precious blood, for loving and dying for us. Father, please forgive me of any sins I may have done. O Jesus, I kneel at Thy bleeding feet pleading that you will hear me. Amen. Thank You for answering my prayers. But there is power in the blood of Jesus! God bless.. Dear Jesus, please forgive me for my sins. I thank you Lord JESUS. Please continue to watch over us and keep us safe,to make the right choices in our lives for the better. Let us pray, - Almighty and eternal God, you have appointed your only-begotten Son the Redeemer of the world, and willed to be appeased by his Blood. Lord you are w miracle worker and I thank you for all you have done in Jesus name I pray I love you lord. I pray in your most holy name for continued blessings healing especially for my daughter Britney . And I a forever thankful for His love. Thank you for all the countless blessings, for all answered prayers & for all answered prayers because You know what is best for us. Thank you Jesus for your precious blood,Thank you for a good /clear outcome in this investigation. Take away from him all that is negative, all that can cause him harm, like drugs, and make him (name) the right person, who dedicates himself/herself to his/her studies and integrates him/herself more in family life. my fears have been getting the best of me for i havent slept for two days because thats how much my fear controls me i ask you my lord to answer mt prayer and lead me back to the herd so that i am not a lost child anymore. for protecting my family amd for healing my parents. which I am thankful have always listened to Me your hear Mr when I’m crying. Ask and you will receive, seek and you find, knock and the door is opened. Love and Divine Mercy! I want to meet all of my financial obligations. Thank you Jesus for making the most difficult and trying situation seem very pleasant. Prayer, Thank you Lord Jesus for your help I am almost there forever yours ly. Jesus I thank you for your everlasting love and protection. Hallelujah to your holy name. Thank you for your grace! God bless you. Cover each and every one of us with the precious blood of Jesus. through my company/job, I will achieve all of these I love you, I praise you, I worship you and guide me always. I’ve messed up so bad. I need your help dear lord… Glory and praise to Jesus Christ and Mother of God!!! I love you . God is Good and faithful. The faith in God, our Lord, is powerful for our lives. this is a very powerful prayer. Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son and Glory to the Holy Spirit . I am writing to thank our Father in Heaven for answering my prayers. Thank you Jesus!! AMEN. I know that you will answer my request and I have complete faith in You. She needs your blessing dear Jesus now because of her heart problems. Glory to the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit. May we be filled with the Holy Spirit and follow the path God has set for us! Thank you so much for this prayer. I Adore you, Jesus I am a true beliver. Hoping prayers will be answered for my struggling family. As in the previous months it use to affect me, now it don’t let any of his offensive manage offend me because I know I am your daughter and you are my father, king of kings and will never allow any one to harm me. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. Amen. THANK YOU LORD ever so much for granting me my prayer for me to have a job and not having to take a break. Please lift this burden from me as I don’t know how to go on, please give me peace and calm my soul. I will continue to prayer for my other two children who resent Faith because of her actions. Let us begin, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Your word says stand still amd know that I am God. O Lord God Almighty, I pray Thee, by the Precious Blood which Thy Divine Son shed upon the wood of the cross, especially from his most sacred Hands and Feet, deliver the souls in purgatory, and in particular that soul for which I am most bound to pray; that no neglect of mine may … I love you JESUS I have faith and trust you JESUS. Thank you Holy Spirit for being with me always and everywhere. By the Voice of Thy Blood, O Jesus, I seek Thee, ask Thee and beg Thee, to help me at this time of my need. I have been praying for your help through the difficult times my son has endured these past couple of weeks. Please bless him and our whole family. I Thank you, Jesus I bind each of us to God’s timing in our lives. We sealed all destructive power in. Thank you, dear God, and now I take the BLOOD of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit of love, power and sound mind, pour it over my head and let it saturate my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. For Jesus is our God who heals. Lord i am praying financial blessings and my health. Jesus, Mary & Joseph, Pray for us. Please also be with me and assist me getting a permanent job. I began praying this prayer for my daughter who was struggling with her studies and it looked for a while like she would not have the credits needed to graduate with her high school class. Thank you in advanced!! Believe in His word, believe in yourself and you will see a total transformation in your life. Thank you for Your Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for my family and I. You are in control of my life.thank you for that. Let Thy will be done.THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT……. I thank you Jesus for touching my Heart, my Soul and my Spirit. Oh God You Are Amazing I Praise And Worship And Adore You For All You Have Given Me. Restore our health as you promise in your word that your name will be glorified. Please bless our family and help us to live in peace. Because you almighty have the last word, no judge but keep his heart open and blessed, I trust you God and I know you won’t let me down or my family, my life is entirely yours to give, I will spread your word of greatness and the wonderful miracles you will proclaim… You are God and I thank you for loving me and my family…thank you Lord!!! To also heal my mother of her aliments. I will forever be greatful for the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with you.Thank you in advance for saving my family,neighbors, friends and my Christian brothers and sisters. This is a living testimony, thank you and may God hear your cry……. Thank You for Your precious Blood. I’m praying for me and my family & friends as you may know we have speed bump , but lord im coiming to u to ask if you will watch over me and my family i pray for my kids, as they get up every morning and face every day life and let , them know that u have there back , i pray for mm that he contious , to go far inlife tht u will protect him i pray for fm that he will find a job and give him the tools that he need ,i pray for dm that he don’t give up , and get in school , i pray for rw that u will protect her and that she will get a better understanding , find her a job and have hope , i pray that u keep working on me in my time of need that i get my bills caught up and not cut off or out of a home, i pray that i can get this house where me and tdl would live till we get the other house ready,i pray that u contious to work on me lord so me the right way , i pray for finanec blessing , give me the tools that i need to keep moving forward , i pray for tdl that he would be able to see who have his back and the one’s that not for him will be shown . Amen, I have been praying this prayer daily just to keep satin away and to help my health problems. Amen! You promised to answer in three day. Looking for a transfer. Provide him with maximum strength and power. Oh Lord I Ask That You Give Me The Knowledge And Wisdom I Need To Do Well In My Job I Pray For Permanent Status Within OneMonths Time. I want to say thank you to Our Father for answering my prayers. Thanks u for the favor blessings and gory and life. My issue at work is being resolved. Thak you Jesus. Amen –. Thank you lord for your many blessings.I am going through so many thing in my life. I pray for anyone reading this don’t lose your hope God is with you ask him to give you understanding and pray to him with a sincere heart God loves you and sees your heart. Thank you Jesus for your most precious blood shed for us victorious over death and sin. Forgive me of my sins and for those who YouThank You Jesus For Everything You Have Done For Me And My Family. I praise the blood of Jesus Christ I love thank U mother Mary for your son Jesus even though I know I don’t deserve all the blessings yet I have received what I have ask for and more . On them.I pray this with the authority you left me! When I say the pray I feel very blessed and at peace. Come Lord Jesus, cover me with Thy Precious Blood, and fill me with Thy Holy Spirit, I love Thee Lord Jesus, I praise Thee Lord Jesus, I thank Thee Jesus, I shall follow Thee every day of my life. Thank you Lord Jesus for granting my requst,.Glory be to God the Father, son and Holy Spirit now and forever Amen. You will know when the signs come, because you will feel it in your heart. I love you Jesus. I thank you Father, I thank you Jesus. My you always and forever keep her in your sight and always be with her and protect her from any vilolence and danger. Never let anyone take that away, because they win that way. Thank You once again Lord Jesus and shower your blessings on my family always. OR Let their be no weapon formed against us. Let us begin, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Y have never forsaken me . The blood of Jesus is so powerful that is completely decimating the enemies attacks and strategies against us--if we know how to apply it! Lord JESUS, by faith in your merits, I now take your precious blood and sprinkle it over myself and my family right from the crown of my head to the very soles of my feet. I AM WAITING IN FAITH FOR MY REQUEST TO FIND AN AFFORDABLE APT THAT IS CAT FRIENDLY. . We are living unprecedented times. My Dear Lord, Without you I’m a lost person. Thank lord for hearing my prayer for protection through the precious blood of Jesus. By your Merciful heart hear and answer us Amen, Jesus Christ pleas give me another chance to correct my foolish decision. AMEN. Forgive us for all of ours sins! He needs you. Im a single mom of 3 kids,a boy and 2 girls and would like to thank God for giving me strength. The pain, numbness, and tingling sensations I feel are reduced amazingly because of this prayer to Jesus Christ. However, just by saying this amazing prayer three days. Thank you. Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing my prayer. I thank you for all things. Thank you for always be my guide n strength be beside me in times of trouble. Fill me Lord JESUS with gift of your Holy SPIRIT and grant me the gift of wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment so that I will live today in your glory by doing that which is right. It’s ok Jesus is near us he knows our need of his love tell him you love him and he will fill your heart will his peace and protect u from Satan but remember nothing gets to u without going thru his hands first so have peace even if u feel none he is there and in control praise be to him , I love u Father and of course Jesus is Lord, Amen Amen Amen. Last night I feared that he will do as he said”hit me and didn’t care if he had to go to jail for it” Lord I thought he was! Lord I promise to publish you thanks. My God I Thank You And Love You.father I PleaD Your Blood Upon My Daily Life And I Thank You Jesus For All You HaVe Done…I Ask That The Angels Of God The FireOf God And The Holy Spirit Be With Me And My Family. In jesus name I pray thank you for loving me unconditionally. I pray for discernment in my son’s education. Until i became at odds with…, Lord I pray that your will on earth is the will in heaven. You say seek you first the kingdom of heaven and all your riches and glory will be given unto you. So I ask all reading this, to remember me in prayer please, because I need a speedy end to this whole situation. Dear GodThank you for answering my prayer again. All Glory and Praise to you Heavenly Father. i said this prayer with all of my heart, and he went to the retina specialist and was told his eyes are fine. Need PEACE PROTECTION ASAP IJN AMEN! Amen. Thank you. With the power of the Blood of Jesus, we seal all material and spiritual work, the business and work of each of the family, the vehicles, for our protection. Little anxious moments are fleeting and all this is possible because of our Saviour Jesus Christ. The Blood of Jesus, shed in anguish and shame, the Blood which reconciles and purifies us in your keeping to be dispersed to … Jesus thank you for saving my son for showing him direction. Oh God I PleaD Your Blood Upon Our BlessinS May Our Going Out And Coming In Be Blessed. Thank you Jesus praise you jesus. I know that you will help me in my current situation. Let my household and myself be a blessing to others. It has left us very distrusting of each other, because of really terrible things that were said. I thank the Lord Jesus for answering my prayers for my sons Paulin and Gael. Thank you for your divine blessings on my life. Anonymous. I have prayed the above prayer for mostly healing several times and each time the issue I have had has improved and I total trust that God will continue to heal until I am total healed with every request I have made. Father I Ask You And I Shall REceive It…Lord I Want Permanent Status At My Job Within One Month Oh God Give Me The Knowledge And Wisdom I Need To Shine…Father I Ask That You Help My Sister With Her ReAl Estate Business Let The Doors Be Opened Let Her Pass Her Exams And I Ask That OuR General Contractor Business Start To Open Doors And Prosper. And that my daughter will have favor on her Job interview tomorrow morning at 8am. Lord Jesus, By faith in your merits, I now take your precious blood and sprinkle it over my husband,family,self right from the crown of our heads to the very sole of our feet. office.Please do not let any charges be laid against any of them them and may the matter be resolve amicably. as soon as i started reading i saw overflowing of lord blood aroundme and my children blessing coming to me all around divine presence in my house and prayed for my needs. My 7 week old baby girl has been diagnosed with reflux 2 weeks ago and was put on meds. Lord please touch this man to be responsible and mature and he knows he has his responsibilities. Thank you Jesus for guiding us out of the dark and into the light. Thank you lord for opening your heart to me again, I still have a long way to go but I feel it coming, I’m almost there …. Blood of Jesus cleanse me from my sins. Lord give my son the strength to cope I ask lord for progress in his job, I leave him in your hands jesus . Thank you Jesus, for giving me the Holy Spirit to guide and councel me all thru the way. Please my lord i ask you to help for i am a fourteen year old girl that i a lost lame. May your precious blood envelope our home and fill it with love and thanksgiving for your wondrous works. Forgive my sins and help to forgive others and remove the memories of my past sins. Dear Lord I plead the mighty blood of Jesus Christ over my relationship with Wally that we will make a life together, hear I love you more, spend more time together, see each other more that whatever obstacles come our way we will surpass please Lord revoke, bind, and remove anything being done and blocking this relationship in Jesus Christ name so be it Amen! You have never failed me. Please give me the gainful employment in the near future that I so need and continue to set me on the right path. I feel the holy spirit telling me I am better than what he calls me. I love you Jesus. Holy Father in the name of your son Jesus and the Holy Spirit I want to thank you for everything you have done for me for my family. i pray that he do come back home so we can work on us and finish what we have started . I look forward to today and to help others.. THANKSGIVING I want to be helpful to the people as you bring them into my life Lord. Your the greatest and high power of all God and thank you for your son who protects us!!!! I prayed this prayer for three days and God granted me my request. My daughter does not attend church with us anymore. Amen! I want to be with you and my loved ones in your Perpetual Glory. Jesus i believe in you i give you my heart. I give these things to you and humbly ask for your intercession, mercy, and forgiveness. After 3 days, I noticed a miraculous improvement in my son’s disposition. We cherish your name, and worship you. Day 1 – Novena to the Precious Blood of Jesus Let us begin, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. While making the request one must either All glory and honor is yours, forever and ever. (MENTION YOUR REQUEST) Any. Please allow my faith towards you to continue to grow. This prayer request was never failed in my life. Morning Prayer 1* Father, I come in the name of Jesus to plead His blood on my life and on all that belongs to me, and on all over which You have made me a steward. I pray that all scholarships that he is qualified to receive will miraculous Ly be granted. Please continue to protect us your children. Me. I thank you Jesus for showing me how to forgive. I wish to publish this comment to affirm my belief & faith in the above & everything that is Holy.Thank you Creator, thank you Jesus & thank you Holy Spirit. For answering. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your Perpetual Glory. Are you hearing the word of God that speaks of all of the wonderful things in store for you. We make a circle with the Blood of Christ to protect our homes and our families. When you say this prayer be honest with Jesus and yourself, open your heart and ask for his help. I surrender to you God and I now know I can’t live my life without you. Ly, Lord please heal my mind, correct my thoughts and give me strength and energy in the name if Jesus. Thank you for this beautiful prayer that has helped to change my son. Father may we have good health financial breakthrough open doors testomonies prophesies happiness peace love and may we honour the lord everyday. Jesus I. Thank you Lord for all your many blessings. U are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, you are I AM WHO I AM. Keep me forever under your protection and loving care. Their house will be a home. I need you now more than ever Lord. AMENI. he gets welfare and he just told me he did not get it, I believe he spent it. Protect him in the prison cells jesus i trust in you Lord you are my saviour. Thank you for my two beautiful children and the great husband you have given me. Lord Jesus protect my grandchildren and their parents from all that is evil. Father whenever my parents soul may be let them rest in peace. Say the following prayer: V. “We beseech You, Lord, help Your servants.” R. “Whom You have redeemed with Your Precious Blood.” Mystery 2. Just don’t give up and have faith. God please help us move to a new town. Wash us clean. I would like to thank God for all his help. You answered my prayers. I ask this in jesus name . I know you never forsake me.Listen to me and save me quickly. I Feel that Romeo wil go away frm Me for Money. Y are the greatest, love y thank y for my peace. For the complete protection and safety of my friend, and for your financial blessings and for helping me pay all my debts. My family has struggled for so long with a child suffering addiction. Lord, God, I humbly ask for Your Divine Healing hands to touch me and my family. Lord Jesus please help my son pass all the papers and move to the third year. dear jesus, you know my situation, and i thank you for answering my prayers. Graciously hear and answer my prayers. Thank you Almighty for healing the friction between my husband and my family. I need your hand dear Lord. Also the prayer below the Miracle Prayer is also very special. My mother was suffering from excruciating pain. In The Name Of Our JESUS CHRIST,Me,My Children,Blessings,Needs,Prayers,Fasts,Mother,Wife,Sisters,Brothers in Law Their Children,All Christians…, Sarah & Lucas (Son) Facing Potential Eviction From Their Home, Dealing with friends that are sending evil to hurt us,,, You know what is in my heart, you know what I want, but, if that is not your will, then please, put me on the right path, Prayer For Protection Through the Precious Blood of Jesus. I also ask you Lord to completely heal Christopher’s health problems. I bind every strongman, having my goods in his possessions, in the name of Jesus.I bind every strongman, delegated against me fall down to the ground and become impotent, in Jesus’ I bind the strongman behind my spiritual blindness and deafness, and paralyze his operations in my life, in the name of Jesus.I bind and plunder the goods of every strongman, attached to my marriage, in the name of Jesus. Also help us through our financial struggles. According to scripture, I declare victory over Satan and his demons by the Blood of the Lamb. Thank you for your precious Blood. Seek you first the kingdom of heaven. The buses were full, taxis were scarce. I thank to Lord Almighty and kind Jesus for answering my prayer so quickly. I.ask the Lord to.please help us come.back with each other without I miss you my heart with our please heal her mind and heart so I have true please cone back we will get the help you need our family miss you very much and we all love u so much to.come home for you to return and the love we have for each other I ask you Lord I pray to you for a chance amen. Legal Notice, Privacy and Cookie Policies. It did. I know that that this may seem selfish and I am not worthy of such an honor and I should follow and love and trust in you without such a gift but this would make it a lot easier to go through life KNOWING with 100% certainty that you DO hear me, love me and ate protecting me and what I hold dear!! Thank you, Holy Spirit for your love towards me and my loved ones. I thank you JESUS. dear jesus, my brother was told that he is going blind due to diebetes. Thank you dear Lord, I am seeing the results of your help with me and my family, please continue to help us heal our self and to be with us always. Thank you Lord…Amen. It is working. Amen! I love you lord jesus, you are my EVERYTHING! My heart aches for my babygirls. Please protect my family from all evil and keep us from anyone wanting to do harm to me and my family. holyspirits power has delivered us no weapons will prosper. Two days ago I said the Prayer of Protection Through the Precious Blood of Jesus. Help me to be a good role model and supporting mother. He who worships the Lord shall be humble before Him. I hope and I pray to you for a miracle for him to realize what hes doing and for him not to go through with court because I’m trying so hard not to loose my family, he has caused so much hurt. I ask that from this moment on, the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ give (insert who here) and my body soul and spirit, perfect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual … Amen and Amen. Thank you for allowing me to finally get the help I need for my depression. Prayers for healing of body, mind, & soul for my parents Bob & Linda. im sorry i didnt capalize when necessary, its my keyboard. Please cure Izzy. I want to also comment for any person who feels broken hearted please know that on your saddest times jesus feels your pain too and he wants you too give your problems to him, god is bigger than any problem you are facing god loves you too much to leave you please dont loose your faith and always pray with a sincere heart god bless you and i will continue praying for you reading these prayers.

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