Please check your email for further instructions. With immersion, students get to actively practice the target language. They cater to all learner levels, from absolute beginners to advanced students, as you can see here: FluentU has interactive captions that let you tap on any word to see an image, definition, audio and useful examples. Activities may include a guest lecture series, screenings of Russian and Soviet films, folk singing and dancing, and field trips. A language immersion program is one in which the children spend all or a large portion of their day learning, in a natural way, a particular foreign language. On a subreddit, you’ll find great articles in your target language, along with comments from users. is a … They can each sign in using nothing but a secret password that we bestow to you, the teacher. Sol Abroad: High School Program in Mexico. The following are just a few highlights: In the youth educational arena it often refers to a child taking courses in fields like science, math, history, etc. Being in the target country means the moment language learners switch on the TV or the radio, they get to listen to native speakers talk. Students will soon come to love days like French Fridays and may even consider bringing French food on those days. A mere fifteen statements may give them more practice than those going to the target country but not taking enough chances to communicate with the native speakers around them. Volunteer Programs. So there you have it! All videos are subtitled in French and have English translations. In a nutshell – Trap pom poms in a colander using some wooden sticks or pipe cleaners and turn it upside down. The language being learned is spoken about 90% of … Ask him to prepare a short talk. Physical Education. Because of the context provided by the ritual or cultural celebration, your students will find the words easier to remember. She’ll be given full range and absolute freedom to present the dish in class. Easy-peasy. Eventually, they’ll learn the key words needed to get to text messages, contact lists, emails, and Facebook, and they’ll find that they’re using their device as quickly and easily as they did in English! In the target country, language learners swim in the culture and the history of the people who speak the language. 6 Armstrong Road | Suite 301 | Shelton, CT | 06484, $10,000 IN PRIZES! What percentage of the exercise questions are they getting right? They’re much cheaper and sometimes even more engaging than being in the country where the native speakers live. The students will write these down on paper and create a two-sentence English definition for each of the words. They’ll submit this as homework. This schedule gives you the structure to efficiently improve your foreign language skills and enough freedom to enjoy your time overseas. Immersion = living in and engaging/interacting with the world through another language. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. And this real-world, rubber-meets-the-road, close-quarter experience with the language effectively mimics how native speakers learn their mother tongues. Check out EIL's German Program. The inability to speak in English forces the mind to dig around and figure out new ways to get a point across. They’ll then present the fifteen sentences in front of the class. To get a Skype account, visit Skype, download the free software with the click of a button, and enter a username and password. All rights reserved. When a student, for example, is given sushi, the most basic thing she can do is obviously to bring some of it in and share it with the class. A strong storytelling component can really fast-track your students’ knowledge of the language and culture... 3. 14 Memes That Nail the Reality of Being a Teacher Mom, Join the WeAreTeachers Influencer Network. Wish you could whisk your class away to a country where the target language is spoken? (It’s like how you never forget the mechanics of the water cycle because you were once assigned a report on it.). Learn more about French language immersion trips with Immersion Tours. Click here to get a copy. It’ll really help make the culture come alive for them. Age 12-22 0 Service Hours Heart Button. Now native language content is easily within the reach of any student, at any skill level, thanks to the interactive transcripts. Many teachers look for ways to give students language immersion experiences but find most of them far too expensive and time consuming. For this last one, you’re actually going to step out of the classroom, but not to go to another country. This teaching method is often likened to doling out tough love, throwing learners into the water as a means of teaching them to swim. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Go back and listen again. Have you daydreamed about planning a fully immersive trip for your students? Pick somebody who’s outgoing, a natural extrovert who loves interacting with people and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Our videos come in varied formats and forms—there are interviews, newscasts, concerts, music videos and more. VoiceThread is a media player with a highly interactive discussion space. Kimberley is a Senior Editor at WeAreTeachers. For a class immersion, you need to actively feed your students something to listen to. This is a homework assignment designed not only to familiarize students with the distinctive traditions of the culture in question, but also to build students’ individual vocabularies. The immersion approach to teaching a second language maximizes the time the children get to practice the language they are learning. All daily activities can be carried out in your First Nations language. How many videos and activities have they progressed through? You’ll be able to see all this information and more. Immersion Tours staff use daily activities to teach students new French words and expressions. A language immersion trip like this could make the difference between students who simply took French lessons in school and students who speak French fluently upon graduation. Our language immersion programs combine 15 to 20 hours of formal language classes, with planned activities and just enough free time. Check out the project Les Cantines du Monde, in which students researched photos of typical school lunches from around the world then commented on them in a foreign language. in a foreign language. So they’ll not only have gained interesting insights into the culture, but a new set of vocabulary in the process. Think of the whole environment as a visual aid and prop for a class lesson, with everything already in place. Imagine, if you have just 10 students, the class can have a taste of 10 different authentic dishes! Navigating a phone or laptop in a target language forces your students to use that language every time they pick up their favorite device. At our school, individual classes are allocated at least 2 outdoor playground times per day (weather permitting) — one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s a platform specifically designed for students of a language, and as such can be incredibly useful to your class. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. The more you know in advance about the country, region, city or town you are visiting, the more you will get out of your experience. On our French language immersion tours the country becomes the living classroom for high school student groups. It will be helpful in fine-tuning their understanding, especially of usage and syntax. They have to carefully listen to what’s being said. Believe it or not, this type of language immersion program is totally within reach for your budget. They encourage students to interact and ask questions in French. You can use the videos as a teaching partner and lift examples of actual usage so your students can hear how native speakers actually use their language. The advantage of tapping famous historical figures is that they’re already quite familiar to the students and their lives have plenty of interesting stories, incidents and facts that the students can use for the activity. You're immersed! The activity – Pom Pom Turn Taking Game by Onetimethrough. One of the cheapest, simplest ways to connect is with Skype—a free, online, video-enabled calling service. make your classes potentially even more immersive, engaging activity or in a communicative way, how native speakers learn their mother tongues, download the FluentU app from the iTunes store, CALL Me: The Tech Savvy Teacher’s Guide to Computer Assisted Language Learning. They can walk around historical buildings or visit ruins of historical significance. (Download). Mini-immersion Activities Seneca Language for the Elementary Learner Ja:no’s—Janine Bowen Summer 2013 These mini-immersion activities were used with my 7 year old daughter to teach her basic Seneca language, while home for the summer. Soccer. Foreign language teachers know that students gain the most skills when they have to use a new language exclusively. We researched awesome ways to give U.S. students an intensive language immersion experience, without spending an arm and a leg. So why not bring a native speaker to class instead? Specialized Courses. The written element of the activity will allow you to have a visual gauge on the kind and level of communication the students are capable of. The students are to present their chosen figures in fifteen interesting, coherent and grammatically sound sentences. Children play musical instruments, create pieces of artwork, sing songs, build toys, and make wonderful friends. But that would make a huge dent in everybody’s budget. Take the opportunity to teach students about the importance of respecting cultures different from their own. Students collect coupons throughout the duration of the tour. Or, you know, bending the laws of time or space. Some of the many things you might want to do – on your own or with friends. The student who cooked the dish will then be asked to make the dish come to life. French Immersion Language Study Tours for High School Groups . FluentU videos can scaffold your lessons and ensure that students get a full multimedia experience in class.

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