At Ziwani Poultry we have we have first-generation Kuroiler birds with eggs imported straight from Kegg Farm in India. While the KARI improved kienyeji chicken is a top choice for the vast majority of Kenyan farmers, there are various other breeds that have similar characteristics to Kienyeji chickens such as the Kuroiler and Rainbow Rooster chickens. Kuroiler is a genetically improved breed from India. It is easy to start, profits guaranteed and a sure way to earn money all year round as people will always eat eggs and chicken. Facebook: James Keru. they are dual-purpose breed producing more meat and eggs compared to ordinary kienyeji (indigenous) chicken. Kuroiler is The breed can also do well in areas with harsh climatic conditions such as the arid and semi-arid regions in Northern Kenya. While indigenous chicken produce about 40 eggs per year, Kuroiler does about 150 eggs in the same period. Origin of Kuroiler Chicken: Kuroiler is a best of kienyenji chicken breed. The birds are low-maintenance scavengers that thrive on household and agricultural waste. ShareTweet, Hi, my name is James Keru. Sources of funding – The Youth Development Fund normally gives interest free loans for poultry farming The best budget to start with would be Ksh100,000. Sasso 1 Day old Sasso chicks •Sasso This new breed was developed in France and has gained popularity in Tanzania and Kenya, best sasso chicks in Kenya are available through Silver-lands … In Uganda they have been rearing Kuroiler for years and farmers there have been ripping the benefit while we watch in Kenya. 98 talking about this. (2)They are scavengers Those in Nairobi can get their vaccinated eggs from this dealer if they have no idea where to start. Kuroiler chicken, a crossbreed created by Keggs farms in India in the early 1990s, is a dual-purpose chicken breed. Kuroiler chicken farming in Kenya which improving lives of the normal mwananchi (citizen); better nutrition, increase income, cheaper … 100 and cockerels are going for Kshs. They supply chicks from one day old three months depending on what you are looking for. Things to consider: Land – do you have land available or you’ll hire? However, it is not advisable to rear chicks over one-month-old as they may not offer a vivid perspective of what the project should be like. We encourage many families to keep this chicken as its characterists enables it to adapt to most harsh weather conditions especially in Africa. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. You need at least 120 X 60 square meters minimum. Tel 0773-889309. passionate about business & a champion of the entrepreneurial culture. Get your chicks from suppliers and breeders that are reputable and easy to count on. Reach me via the following avenues. Twitter: @JamesKeru They are great egg layers and also excellent for meat. Kuroilers were first successfully introduced in India more than a decade ago. You can also buy fertilized eggs and hatch them by yourself. One day old chicks are available at 100 shillings One-week-old chicks will be sold at 150 shillings. 3.7k It was initially introduced to Ugandans, and then to Kenyans. This Page is dedicated to all Poultry Kuroiler Farmers in Kenya. Today, we are going to talk about one breed of chicken that has been doing some magic in Kenya and Uganda over the year – Kuroiler Chicken. Cages – it is important to build durable cages for the chicken All Rights Reserved. This Page is dedicated to all Poultry Kuroiler Farmers in Kenya. This chicken breed can survive anywhere in Kenya, including arid areas, Kuroiler has been spread round the world since 2009. You can manage to start with as little as Ksh10,000 but we would advise you to think about a bigger budget. One day old chicks are available at 100 shillings One-week-old chicks will be sold at 150 shillings. Here is a list of their costs: You can call them on 0720924317 and order your chicks. You need to get chicks that are healthy and well taken care of. We at Kuza Biashara are focussed to encourage these daring small business owners who have the potential to innovate and change the world by contributing to the nation’s economy and livelihood. Else, share the article with your friends so they can learn something new too. Kindly share your feedback with us via the comment box – we would like to hear from you. How did you find today’s article? This makes it easy for you to start this kind of project regardless of where you are in the country. (1)They grow faster than ordinary chicken Kuroiler is a hybrid breed of chicken developed in India. That’s why they are so popular. (3)They are as good as indigenous chicken Kuroiler chicken perform quite well under what experts call “scavenging conditions”. A Kuroiler Chicken is a chicken breed with indigenous traits which grows faster and lays more eggs than the local chicken, this chicken breed has been introduced in Uganda. The Kuroiler chicken is actually a hybrid chicken breed which was developed in India. How you star will determine your success rates. Types: Chickens 557 Broiler Chickens 14 Turkeys 9 Quail 5. rainbow Chickens 53 pure Chickens 16 mature Chickens 13 one week Chickens 7 kenya Chickens 3. This is an establishment in Nakuru that deals with the supply of kuroiler chicks from day old to several months old at different prices. Our biggest aim is to provide farmers in Kenya and Africa with digital solutions that will enable them get quality products online without the fear of getting conned or losing their money or products. Their prices are also dependent on age with day-old chicks costing Kshs. Chicks available – CASH & CARRY, NO BOOKING . Kuroiler chicken are just like indigenous chicken, their meat is tasty and they lay yellow York eggs. This Page is dedicated to all Poultry Kuroiler Farmers in Kenya. This supplier deals with chicks and fertilized eggs. Show all. Represent your … Two weeks old go at 200 while three weeks old chicks will go for 250. Poultry farming has always been an interesting option for small entrepreneurs. Where you buy your chicks when starting such a project is crucial. The benefits of this kind of farming are eminent as it is mainly word of mouth from the successful farmers. It is an Indian breed that is well known for its good quality meat and the large number of eggs that it produces every year in Kienyeji conditions. SHARES What is Kuroiler Chicken? (4)High production Coupled with a determined and patient spirit, you will soon be making money. Kuroiler Chicken Farming in Kenya: Business Plan and Tips As for feeding, always supply 1 tray of supplemental feeders for every 50 birds and make sure that the feed lasts a whole day to stimulate yolk sac re-absorption and to increase the chick’s appetite. And the name ‘Kuroiler’ is a portmanteau of Keggg and Broiler. When properly managed, the KARI Improved hens can lay between 220 … Kuroilers are now becoming popular in Africa, as farmers in African countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria have started to raise them to produce eggs and meat. Normally, if you want to make some decent profit, think about starting with at least 200 chicks. 60 talking about this. They can be found through their contact details on 0726470140. 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Rules and regulations – Consult with your county government or Ministry of Agriculture officials on these…normally there are no stiff regulations to chicken farming 80 talking about this. The following are some of the outlets that you can count on and how much you should expect to pay. It is especially fascinating seeing how young people are taking up these kinds of initiatives which continue to make kuroiler chicken farming a hit. This supplier is available in Syokimau. The chicken can be reared in free range conditions especially for farmers who want to produce chickens organically. Two weeks old chicks would be 160 shillings while three weeks old chicks go for 200 shillings. This is a dual-purpose breed since it can be used for producing eggs and meat. Their chicks are fully vaccinated according to their age wants. The Kuroiler chicken were first introduced into East Africa through Uganda and then from Uganda into Kenya. Fortunately, there are numerous Kuroiler chicken suppliers all over the country. The most expensive chick available is a month old at 300 shillings. The only disadvantage with this breed of chicken, however, is that they don’t incubate and hatch their eggs. As we all know, indigenous chicken produce tastier meat than modern breeds. Kuroiler Chicken. Tel 0773-889309. Shangwe Mtaani Winners per Region: Who Are the Lucky Ones. What are kuroilers? This variety of chicken is derived from crossing coloured broiler males with Rhode Island Red females. It seems as though every Kenyan wants a piece of the cake considering that those who have been steady and patient with chicken farming have reaped significant benefits. Kuroiler chicken farming is very popular, especially in it’s native area. This is why we are calling upon suppliers of poultry in Africa to pioneer and take kuroiler chicken to their communities. Everything you need is available. Whatever you need to be done will be as long as you are serious about it. One thing about this chicken is that despite being a hardy breed, it is not encumbered by low productivity. Tel 0773-889309. Their prices are affordable with one-day chicks going for 100 shillings. Map out your local market and determine the requirements before picking the poultry breed to raise. This bird right from its introduction in Uganda seems to be steadily challenging traditional commercial and subsistence poultry farming methods by creating a new poultry farming niche combing both methods. They are located in Ngata are of Nakuru. While ordinary chicken weigh 2kg, Kuroiler weighs 1.5kg more. READ ALSO: Dog Farms in Kenya: Profitability, Action Plan, Tips and More. 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