Find out more & Sign up here Find out more about the CCH and Advanced Crystal Practitioner Program HERE! Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Properties: Black Tourmaline has the ability to transmute and purify negative energy, protecting ones energy field against attachments, entities, and energetic debris. Tourmaline is a crystal typically formed next to quartz crystals beneath the Earth’s surface, easily identifiable for its vertical tubular striations. Black tourmaline is a favorite among people working with crystals and energy healing because it is so effective at both grounding and clearing.. Technically there is no such thing as “negative energy”, but that term is still used as a shorthand for negative patterns, intention, and emotions that can build up in your auric field. Aside from that, there are many black tourmaline health benefits to discuss. Another person said every time she got near me she felt an invisible energy/force push her away. Love that, Chris! Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of types and colors. Read our, Enter your details below to get your FREE Crystals for Business eBook, Enter your details to get your free goddess crystal cards ebook, Enter your details below to get your FREE Quick & Easy Chakra Charts, Enter your details below to get your FREE Mini Crystal Healing eBook, Enter your details below to get your FREE Aura Cleansing with Selenite Worksheet, Enter your details below to get your FREE Crystal Properties eBook, Enter your details below to get your FREE Which crystal is right for you? So, today I’m giving you the low-down on all things Black Tourmaline. Click here for Afterpay's complete terms. Hence using Black Tourmaline in mediation, is a … When combined together, you will get a remarkable combination of grounding balance and peaceful balance. For energy clearing, a Space Clearing Jar made with water, sea salt and Black Tourmaline is the ultimate way to cleanse your energy and the energy of your home. /*
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