Or your 95.5 - 04 Taco rear? I was done in approximately 30 minutes. MODIFYING A FRONT VALENCE TO FIT A SR5P WITHOUT REMOVING THE BUMPER ON THE 5TH GEN 4Runner. The 2014+ 4Runner Hybrid Series Front Bumper This Hybrid Series front bumper along with the Overland series front bumper are the newest versions from C4. Toyota 4Runner Limited 2020, Front Bumper Cover Retainer by Alzare®. Lightweight and stout, this is not your average bumper. The guys did a TRD Pro Grill Swap on a 2016 4Runner. Reverse Sensor 4Runner. Check out my Instagram! This is one of the most common TRD Pro add-ons that can be installed with little to no automotive experience. Without off road pkg, with chrome accent, white pearl. Looked quite time consuming and expensive. Others have simply blacked out all the chrome on the front and it looks pretty good IMO. Like @Buggs said, adding an offroad bumper would help but might look a bit odd of you are stock on everything else. Without off road pkg, with chrome accent, white pearl. There are a couple guys that have done the swap to the SR5 front end. Southern Style OffRoad’s slimline hybrid bumpers are our unique creation of low-profile winch bumpers for 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra. @808_hiker 1998 4Runner Limited Desert Dune 3.4 V6 Auto 4x4 ToyTec Ultimate/Superflex 3” Lift ~83k miles 2008 Tacoma Regular Cab Desert Sand 2.7 4banger 5MT 4x4 Bilstein 5100/AAL/Block 3” lift ~101k miles 2010 Tacoma Access Cab Black Sand Pearl 4.0 V6 Auto 4x4 TRD Off Road ToyTec Ultimate/Dakar 3” lift ~22k miles 2018 Tacoma DCSB Quicksand 3.5 V6 … Our slimline hybrid is only partial, so you can keep the factory look of your truck. 5th Gen 4runner Bumper Conversion 2014 Bumper Swap Install 4r Hybrid Custom Southern Style Offroad Custom Slimline Hybrid ... New 2019 Toyota 4runner Limited Nightshade Sport Utility In 2010 Present Toyota 4runner Rear Bumper With Swing Away Tire Carrier 2014-20, white pearl. Will your 90 - 95 4 runner rear bumper fit 3rd gens? PZ323-35056 – GARNISH, FR BUMPER Yours is one of the few that sold me on buying and SASing one. Compare brands, models, sizes and more to find the perfect 4Runner aftermarket bumper to amp up your ride today. With our amazing collection of 4Runner off road bumpers, front bumper, rear bumpers and more, you will never need to look anywhere else! This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. The 2014+ 4Runner Hybrid bumper is a unique combination of a plate steel center with round tube on the sides and can be customized in three different versions. I have almost completed a 2016 Limited to TRD Pro front bumper swap on my vehicle. I am just not a huge fan of full tube bumpers on the front, however I have been hoping you would put that rear one into production. Addicted - Your black 4runner is incredible. Any bumper or bull bar that interferes with the sensor will cause issues. For me it was essentially the bumper bar and forward, including thw radiator shrouds, and fender liners… All in all, the instructions were easy on this accessory. This is what the front of the 5th gen 4Runner looks like up to year 2019: This is what the front of the 5th gen 4Runner looks like in the 2020 year model: This is what the front of the 5th gen 4Runner Limited looks like in the 2020 year model: Part Numbers TRD Pro Grille. If you need a new Toyota 4Runner aftermarket bumper, Bumper Superstore is the place for you! Have the thread bookmarked. $130.30 This is a step-by-step process to install a lower front valence (Toyota Part #5390135250) from a TRD Off Road or TRD Off Road Premium onto a 2018 SR5 Premium. You are looking at a major expense, unless yoi find a complete bumper assembly, and then you will likely still need additional parts.

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